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1)People Oriented
Respecting people, understanding people, caring people, inspiring people, training people, gathering people
“People” is the core element of the enterprise. To make the equality, sincerity, cooperation and development between the enterprise and people is a reflect of the enterprise culture’s mature developing, also is the source and soul of an enterprise’s sound development and continuous progress.
The staff should regard work as a kind of happiness, a responsibility, and regard the enhance of business ability as the mark of growing, product quality as the life, collective profit exceeding personal profit, and have a whole idea of “ Factory prosperity is our Glory, factory wane is our disgrace”;
The increasing of the staff’s ability is the foundation of the enterprise’s survival, and the increasing of the core leaders’ ability is the power of enterprise’s development. Survival is the base, while development is the absolute principle.

2) Success through Quality
Quality is the life of the enterprise!
Quality is made by manufacture. Product quality is decided by work, that means the work precision rate is the guarantee of product percent of pass. Staff’s strong awareness of quality, excellent skills, serious responsibility, love career & factory are the base of manufacturing high quality products.
In every progressing step, only strictly producing according to the SOP can ensure the product quality.
Details determine the success or failure, and attitude determines everything. Only having the super-strong awareness of quality in making the quality better and better can make Befe’s quality better and better.
Success through quality, Befe can develop permanently and continuously.
3)Exploration and Innovation
Exploration and innovation is a kind of moral, a kind of boldness, also a kind of ability and insight.
Exploration and innovation is a spirit of suspecting spirit, matter-of-fact attitude, confidence, curiosity, diligent and fortitudinous characteristics; It’s a kind of undaunted courage and soul, a kind of ability and knowledge.
Exploration and innovation is the important instrument of Befe in its development. Befe will keep the pace with time to make another splendid achievement.

4) All-win Harmony
To farmers’ satisfaction, staff’s happiness, customers’ success and business bloom and the world better.
Human mind, dignity and happiness is the highest state of Befe pursuit.
“To achieve people, then achieve the company, then a world brand, then a hundred-year firm for a final happy life” is the final goal of Befe;

5)Cost Spirit
Cost is the energy of competition! It is the spirit index of survival and competition.
Cost control is sourced from every reasonable program, raw materials’ control and scientific execute during the operation. Decreasing the cost is the direct profit!
Price competition is the cost competition, and the original competitive method of survival.

6)Team Spirit
Team Spirit, simply speaking, it is a concentrated reflection of overall consciousness, cooperative spirit and service spirit. The base of team spirit is to respect individual’s interest and achievement. The core is the cooperation, and the highest state is the centripetal force of all staff by unifying the individual profit and whole profit and ensure the high efficient work of the organization.

7)Improvement Spirit
Improvement is a kind of culture which needs a good atmosphere to carry out; Improvement is a kind of awareness which needs a long time of production experience of accumulation and inspiration; Improvement is a kind of innovation which needs intelligence and insistence to solve the problems.
The big improvement is no doubt important, but the small improvement is obbligato for the enterprise. The small improvement is from the front-line workers’ intelligent. A small improvement from front line may also realize the huge economic benefit. The important thing is that many a little can make a mickle.
There is no absolutely improvement, only continuous improvement. That is Befe’s improvement spirit.

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